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Mauro Paolini, Artist

I think life in depth and labor is a beautiful adventure. I argue that every human being in suffering, war and mourning can tell an interesting story. Every person, regardless of their social position, sex and physical appearance, live rich, unique and extraordinary experiences so much that they can write a beautiful story.

At just seventeen, an accident marked my future and my path. I was an insecure boy and what happened made me even more fragile. I felt powerless compared to life and couldn’t accept myself because I felt useless and i saw myself deformed.

This interruption that I experienced as a long sleep in which disoriented I did not understand where I was and what I could do, had a awakening in my interest in art.

The irrevocable situation I had to face and face, bitterly opposed to my desire to live is a substantial part of my expressive impetus. Impetus that I could compare to a scream. The traumatic condition of disability and the consequent sense of inadequacy in adolescence struggled to make sure that I was present and that I could be part of the life That I love so much. The conflict triggered not being able to be myself.

The art and Buddhism of Nichiren Daisconin’s middle ground gave me the strength to continue living and not to stop fighting to reintegrate myself and be part of society.

The site shows the works I have created and the path of my artistic work. It expresses my thoughts on how I react and challenge difficulties without hate but pursuing my creative revenges.

I love life even though it’s tiring for me since I get up every morning. Sometimes I curse her, but I believe in her and so many other things. My art is the story of this love.

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