I met clay by chance, attending the painting courses of Mara Guerrini, a watercolor artist. During my training I had never worked with clay. An expressive medium for me new, which I immediately understood as an unmissable experience. Since then I have not stopped creating my own shapes.

Clay is a material that often offers many often unpredictable and surprising possibilities. Through the dexterity that is created on doing by stimulating unexpected evolutions itself, I work on the impromptu insights that this matter offers me. A creative and also playful situation. Often, working I follow the development of transformations and the placing of matter to me. The works I carry out that interest me most are those in which I find a formal and chromatic solution in balance between my limits and the instability of the clay itself. The element of surprise is always strong and present even in the glazing phase.

My sculptures are ideas that do not start from preparatory drawings because the final shape is created on doingand while model.

It is always a new adventure in which I proceed in a free and instinctive way.


Painting has always fascinated me. As a child I felt a strong sense of attraction to painting. This emotion accompanied me all my life even though I was initially unaware of it. It is my energy and passion that never ceases to gratify me.

I painted with different techniques without knowing with characteristics them and in their effects.   The willingness to communicate by coloring white sheets gave me a sense of bliss, as if that world unknown to me was within me.

For a few years, choices and events moved me away from this artistic desire. Glimmers of creativity led me to play with color and with my expressive rehearsals. This constant interest and fascination made it inevitable for me to start my artistic journey multiples. With both intellectual and experimental training, I appropriated the pictorial discipline through the use of different means such as watercolor, with temperas, in acrylic colors. I prefer the technique of oil painting for the physics consistency of the material and the opportunity it offers to be able to compose by choosing numerous interventions.

Oil painting makes it possible for me to proceed by exploiting different stesures both of material thickness and otherwise in veiling. I look for a pictorial sign that contains the trace of my gesture. I call myself a pioneer of my art because I create it with subsequent corrections and also experimental interventions on works only apparently ‘finished’.


The brochure by the artist Mauro Paolini documents a series of chalcographic prints entitled “Journey with the clouds”, the landscape with the cloudy sky is the central theme of the work.

With an expressive sign engraves clouds on a zinc matrix, trying to trap their fascinating lightness, their infinite movement.

For the chalcography technique it is necessary to use suitable tools such as gushes, dry tips, to engrave a zinc or copper support, which, this slab, will be inked and then imprinted on a white sheet bearing the drawing made previously.

Mauro Paolini realizes the design by weaving infinite black signs that build landscapes, describing with climatic effects several days.

A sign, a groove, a scratch is made by hysterical, decisive and sweet movements, managing to give his chalcographic work a personal originality.

A three-year work performed at the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino, wants to tell his world full of dreams that fly with the wind, colorful dreams rich in nuances, but like the clouds that are full of water, his dreams are full of sometimes black and sometimes sad, thoughts veiled with suffering.

Paolini always tries to return to nature as a source of inspiration, twelve are the slabs as twelve are the months of the year, four are the seasons as four are the elements that make up the world: three cloudy landscapes above the Bolognese hills, represent autumn, air; three landscapes at sunset with haze on the Ravenna lagoon, represent spring, WATER; three landscapes, two works that bring back the hills of Pianoro, one on Via del Gomito, represent the winter, the EARTH; three works that go to investigate the interior of the clouds want to represent the summer, the FIRE.

That sign, that groove, that scratch, they want to convey that one emotion, the love to life.

Mauro Paolini - Artista
Via Morandi ,15 - 40065 Pianoro (BO) - Italia
P.IVA: 03460711207